About Coaching

Coaching is a process that leads my clients towards excellence. Excellence looks different for different people, but I assert that excellence in life is scoring 9s or 10s in all of your life areas. Excellence in leadership is inspiring leadership in others towards a shared mission or goal.

Coaching is a partnership wherein my clients create their intended results and I support them to get towards goal posts they establish with greater velocity, confidence, and joy. A guiding philosophy of the company is that coaching can unleash greatness in organizations and individuals, leading them towards success, fulfillment of personal or organizational missions, and rich, fulfilling lives.


Contact me at sean@seanoconnorcoaching.com to schedule a discovery session, or for more information about my coaching services.



About Sean

Sean-OConnor-1I am passionate about coaching people to partner with them in creating great things in this world, be it thriving businesses and organizations, creative projects, and relationships. I stand for every human to live their best life. I work to create more and better leadership in the world. I am a graduate of the Accomplishment Coaching coach and leader training program.

In my career, I have worked as a program manager at the National Geographic Society, and am a co-founder and co-director of an organization that builds schools and develops youth programs in Liberia, West Africa (FUEL Youth Liberia). I have consulted organizations in South Africa on technology and communication. I hold degrees from the University of California, Santa Barbara (B.S., Physical Geography), and Georgetown University (M.A., Communication, Culture, and Technology). I am also a speaker, host (on-camera and stage), and voice actor. I host a radio show and podcast called Joy Riders that provides listeners with inspiration and information on how to infuse our lives and workplaces with more joy.

In my personal life, I am an outdoor enthusiast. I fuel my personal well being with time spent outside in nature and in the ocean. I am based in Los Angeles, and also have a home in Rhode Island. I consider myself an adventurer, and I lead trips of high school students abroad on community service and cultural exploration tours. I am passionate about creating a world that works for all people, as well as the awe-inspiring organisms we share this planet with.

What People are Saying

Sean delivers by making me deliver.  He was always prepared and our conversations were substantive which meant I had to be prepared for our meetings.  Sean required me to dig deep, take a breath and truly consider what I wanted. He then patiently walked me through the thought process to lay out the steps I needed to take to get what I wanted. Sean helped me both in the workplace and in my recreation.  Our first project actually resulted in me becoming a qualifier for U.S. triathlon nationals of all things! -Morgan, Sports Consultant, NYC


I have and will continue to recommend Sean as a coach! His passion for coaching makes the process very comfortable and rewarding. I felt like I had a break through at every session. Sean is patient, energetic, and extremely knowledgeable. His training and previous work experience makes him an amazing coach! -Francis, Film Producer/Writer, Washington DC   


Working with Sean helped me to create space to see myself more objectively and from a vantage I had been overlooking–really understanding that I often need validation from others before truly trusting myself with decisions and capabilities. This has allowed me to open doors to more possibilities with relationships and creative career building opportunities. I was able to see concrete results in the productivity of my creative projects. I had been stagnant and closed off for quite a while and through my conversations and practices I was able to work through the muck that lead to producing work again.

The best aspect for me about coaching was that there was no hiding. It is easy to justify why not to do things to yourself, but when someone else is taking their time to help you accomplish goals it forces more self responsibility. It kept me more accountable but it more importantly helped me desire to stay accountable for myself.

I am someone that had never thought working with a coach would help because I think and analyze so much in my head already. But the reality is we are quite biased about how we perceive and create in our own minds. Working with a coach provides an objective viewpoint from someone that is on your team! It is great to feel like there is another person rooting for you to be the best version of  yourself. Our society has made it acceptable to work on the physical aspects of ourselves in order to see growth and better your body. But working with a coach is a great way to really work on areas that are not as easily recognized as being blocked, or needing a good workout to get back in shape and add value to your life. This was a great way to be able to add healthy habits, thoughts, and practices back into my career and future goals. –Erin, Teacher/Creative Entrepreneur, Hawaii 


During my time working with Sean, I have developed new contacts in areas of interest, taken on new projects, and my consulting business has expanded with new and existing clients. When I talk with people about Sean and his coaching, I explain the value of working through the possibilities with someone who is brilliant, creative, insightful, top-notch. -Anne, Education Consultant, Florida


As a coach, I think you need to wear two hats: one is a buddha-esque figure who introduces you to and works with you on deeply philosophical and, for lack of better words, “heady” and zen-like issues, while the other is being a “normal” person who can relate to the everyday issues that clients have. Sean offers the perfect combination of both – he is someone that will guide you through these philosophical issues, while also being someone who is very relatable. -Gardner, Financial Analyst, NYC


It has been a pleasure to have Sean as my coach last year. He’s a great listener and knows exactly what to ask. Sometimes we are so emotionally absorbed in a situation that we feel overwhelmed. By having someone who is trained and so good at what they do, as Sean is, is a life saver. What you learn will serve you the rest of your life. Highly recommended!!! -Simone, Photographer, NYC


The work we did over the four months of coaching has really helped to prepare me for the last few months which have been some of the most tumultuous in my life as my life has taken a very sudden and very different direction.  While I haven’t always handled this change well, it was the skills and the exercises that I learned during the coaching process that has helped to bring me through this time my life. -Drew, Filmmaker, Florida


Sean was reliable, thoughtful, challenging and inspiring. I really looked forward to our phone conversations each week. I was challenged and encouraged to look at things in my life, and how I interacted with others from a new perspective. The exercises we did together were helpful tools for me to grow and recognize how to reach my goals. I highly recommend Sean as a professional life coach. -Sue, Small Business Owner/Community Organizer, Rhode Island